Brochure / Menu Design

Print Design

Whether you’re looking for a pamphlet to inform the masses, a brochure to sell your goods to potential customers, a new ad for your local newspaper or favorite magazine, or want to update and upgrade your restaurant menus, you’re in the right place.

We’ll help you navigate the differences between what a pamphlet and a brochure is. We’ll help you get it printed in your area, or optionally have it printed here and delivered to you. We can deliver files in your preferred format too, if you’d rather move in that direction.

Pamphlets & Leaflets

Are you looking to help people understand your cause? Pamphlets and leaflets are the perfect way to educate people on a very specific subject. Usually only a page or two, it’s something you can easily make many of, and hand out in public. It’s also easy for your intended recipients to digest.

Brochures, Booklets, & Catalogs

Brochures and catalogs are a great way to show potential customers what goods you have to offer. You can show prices, photos, and descriptions of your products. It also has the added benefit of something tangible that you can give away.

Normally a brochure will be multiple pages, possibly folded, potentially stapled or bound in some other way.

Restaurant Menus

Freshening up your restaurant’s menu will help your business a lot. You’ll increase food sales by bringing customers back with an easy to read, appropriately designed menu. A well-designed menu will let your customers find what they want faster, and in turn you can move more people through your restaurant.

We can also design to-go or delivery menus for customers to take with them, so that choice of where to eat next time is made easy.