GitHub Link:

Here I’ll post some github links to things I’m working on. Probably mostly Python and Javascript.

Discord Regional Indicator Sentence Constructor
Let’s you type in a sentence and puts the appropriate :regional_indicator: text into your clipboard so you can paste it in discord. It’s written in Python, and looks like this:

The string ‘copy to clipboard works’ translated to regional_indicators in Discord.

Blake’s Chair Mat Inventory System

I wrote this to eliminate a bunch of manual input in my monthly inventory that was causing a lot of headaches when one or two numbers are input incorrectly. It’s written in JavaScript specifically to run on my iPhone. It saves inventory counts between browser refreshes with local browser storage. It has some minimal error correction so I don’t inadvertently enter wrong information. It exports a table that I can copy and email to my work email, which I then paste into an excel sheet that autofill’s in the inventory numbers to the right place with some additional Excel functions. Basically it’s turned days of work into hours.