What Can We Do?

Vinyl Stickers

A vinyl sticker design.

Currently we’re offering custom vinyl (Oracal 951) stickers. If you’ve got an idea, we can turn it into reality. These can be placed just about anywhere. Put them on your car panels, car windows, walls, mirrors, phones, PC cases, laptops, gaming consoles, controllers, coffee pot, etc. Feel free to ask if you’re not sure.

We can do almost any size, but single pieces will be limited to about 24″ in one direction, but limited by roll length in the other direction.

The Oracal 951 is very weather and should last up to 10 years outdoors.

Graphic Design

A hand-drawn business card idea.

We can do vector design for your own vinyl cutter, laser cutter or CNC router. SVG icons for your website. Vector artwork is great because it can be scaled to any size without any loss in quality.

Maybe you’re looking for a logo for your new business, or want to get your old logo freshened up a bit? Want an entire new website designed? Need help setting all of that up? Not even sure where to begin? Message us and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

Are you looking for something more tangible? We can design and have pamphlets, booklets, brochures, e-zines, business cards, birthday or wedding invitations printed for you. We can also design graphics suitable for putting clothes. We can help you set up a Printful store selling direct to garment dropshipped merch online.

3D Design

We also know how to design 3d products. If you’re looking to have something 3d printed, cnc milled or machined, or want a 3d prop for your new video game, we can do that too. We can produce step, stl, obj, dwg, dxf, or any other file types you may need for your project.

PC Building & Repair

Are you local to NE Michigan? I can build you a new or used PC and deliver it to you. I can come grab your broken or slow PC if you’re looking to get it diagnosed and fixed. Maybe you’re looking to build your own PC and want some suggestions based on your budget or performance requirements.


Do you have a cool idea for a program? I can help you decide if it’s a project I can handle based on scope and size, and if not make some suggestions on where to go from here. We can scrape some websites with Python. We can write some fun full stack app with Node.js. Chrome extensions. Tampermonkey scripts. System scripts to automate some tasks on your home or work computer. Excel scripting even.

A prototype I made so my wife could make pixel art on her iPad.